2020 Week 45 Announcements 11/8-14




I. Regular Reading Schedule

I. Morning Revival Portion for this Week

“Crystallization-study of Jeremiah and Lamentations ” Week 10 (totally 12 weeks)

These messages were spoken at the Semi-Annual Training during June 29-July 4, 2020.

Future Weekly Schedule

II. Prayer Items

Please refer to the prayer list here (updated on June 7th, 2020)

III. The Church Meetings

*All the meeting codes will be shared in LINE groups.

A. The Meetings of the Week

  • 11/10 (Tue) 10:30~ Tuesday mtg@LINE voice call
  • 11/11 (Wed) 20:30~ Bible Reading (Isaiah)@LINE voice call
  • 11/12 (Thu) 10:30~ Thursday mtg@LINE voice call
  • 11/12 (Thu) 19:15~ PSRP mtg@Zoom
  • 11/13 (Fri) 14:00~ English mtg@Zoom
  • 11/13 (Fri) 17:00~ Chinese mtg@Zoom (time subjects to change)
  • 11/13 (Fri)  6:00~ Sign language mtg@LINE text (anytime)
  • 11/13 (Fri) 14:00~ English mtg@No mtg
  • 11/14 (Sat) 8:30~ Prayer mtg@LINE voice call (You can join the prayer meeting via voice message or text anytime. Please join us!)
  • 11/14 (Sat) 10:00-12:00 Gospel time@Zoom

B. Lord’s Table meeting(s) for the coming weeks

  • 11/15  (Sun) 10:25-12:00 @Zoom
  • 11/22  (Sun) 10:25-12:00 @Zoom

IV. The Upcoming Event(s)

Thanksgiving Special Conference

  • [Date] November 26-29 (4 days, 6 messages)
    • M1:11/26(木)19:00〜
    • M2:11/27(金)19:00〜
    • M3:11/28(土)19:00〜
    • M4:11/28(土)19:00〜
    • M5:11/29(主)19:00〜
    • M6:11/29(主)19:00〜
  • [How to Participate] Zoom ID will be shared in LINE groups
  • Check the latest announcement on the LSM website.
  • The videos will be streamed on conf.lsmwebcast.com. (will be accessible then)
  • Request a copy of the outline here.

V. Other Announcements

No new items for this week.

A. New Arrivals of Books & Calendars

  • Compact Hymns with the supplements (Japanese lyrics only) @2,200 JPY
  • The Testimony of Yoshida Eisaku @1,100 JPY
  • The training materials for parents and children  (Japanese only) @2,000 JPY
  • The Holy Words Calendar  2021 (Japanese & Chinese) @1,100 JPY & @880 JPY for gifts.

*please ask the library team members if you have any questions.

B. The Bible Reading Campaign

Please report your result of the 3rd campaign (Jul. – Sep.) HERE.

Find your partner(s), admonish one another, and let the word of Christ dwell in you richly! ♪

  • [Period] October – December
  • [Range] 1 Thessalonians to Revelation (It’s okay with any part equivalent to ¼ of the New Testament (65 chapters). OT is good too.)
  • [Reward] After you are complete reading, we’ll reward you. The reward is now preparing…

C. How to make offerings and to pay for books

Please wire your offerings and payments by bank transfer. Please find the details in the NOTE of the Line group at “Church in Chofu の仲間たち” (Church in Chofu members).