I. Regular Meetings

Morning Pray-reading
Everyday am 6:30~7:00
@LINE「祈りの部屋」(Prayer Room)

Mon-Sat: Pray-reading the scriptures on “The Morning Revival”
Sun: Plus the prayer for the Lord’s day meeting.

Prayer Meeting
Every Saturday am 8:30-9:30
@LINE「祈りの部屋」(Prayer Room)

Part 1: Reading Ministry Digest

Part 2: Prayer for the Church
Framework Gospel
Every Saturday am 10:00-12:00


2/13 no gathering due to the International Chinese Speaking Conference.

2/27 no gathering due to the graduation meeting for FTTTk 15th

What we do: Contacting our friends and relatives. It’s enjoyable when we do it together.

Program:Enjoying (Pray-reading/Singing)30min、Interceding30min、Contacting30min、Reporting30分
Lord’s Day Meeting
Next:2/14(Sun) am 10:25〜12:00

Morning Revival

“Crystallization-study of Job, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes”
Week 1 (totally 12 weeks)
  • These messages were spoken at the December Training taken place in Anaheim in December 2020.
  • Schedule: 2/1-4/25
  • Future Weekly Schedule

Future meetings

  • 2/21 (Sun) 10:25~12:00
  • 2/28 (Sun) 10:25~12:00
  • 3/07 (Sun) 10:25~12:00
Small Groups

Period: 2/1(Mon)〜2/6(Sat)

Day Time Meetings Place
Mon 17:30-18:30 French Zoom
Tue 10:30-11:30 Tuesday LINE call
Tue 13:00-14:00 English Zoom
Wed 13:00-15:00 PSRP(1) LINE call
Wed 20:30-21:30 Bible reading
LINE call
Thu 10:30-11:30 Thursday LINE call
Thu 19:15-21:15 PSRP(2) Zoom
Fri Anytime Sign language LINE text

※Zoom ID to be announced in LINE groups.

II. Special Gatherings

International Chinese Speaking Conference 2021
Date: 2/13(Sat)〜2/14(Sun)
2/13(Sat) 9:00~ M1|11:00~ M2|19:30~ M3 (National blending)
2/14(Sun) 14:00~ M4|16:00~ M5 (Chofu only)
* No application required, Free to join.
* Please refer to the future announcements in LINE groups.
Happy Bible Salon (Online Gospel Meeting)
Date:2/21(Sun) 14:30-15:30
14:30-15:00 Gospel Message
15:00-15:30 Group Discussion
*This is the monthly gospel meeting.
* Please refer to the announcements in LINE groups.
15th FTTTk Gradutaion Meeting
Date:2/27(Sat)10:00-12:00 <New>
Place: Zomm / Kirin bldg 3F
* Please refer to the announcements in LINE groups.
7th Overcomer’s Meeing
Date:3/6(Sat)10:00-12:00 13:30-15:30 <New>
Place: Zomm / Kirin bldg 3F
* Please refer to the announcements in LINE groups.

III. Others

New Arrivals of Books
The Bible Reading Campaign

2021 Part 1: January- March (first quarter)

Find your partner(s), admonish one another, and let the word of Christ dwell in you richly! ♪

  • [Period] January – March [If you finished reading the Bible equivalent to ¼ between Oct. and Dec. Report to the following form. ] Reporting Form
  • [Range] Any part equivalent to 1/4 (65 chapters) of the Bible.
  • [Reward] After you complete reading, we’ll reward you. The reward is now preparing…
  • Download the reading schedule here
Please wire your offerings and payments by bank transfer. Please find the details in the NOTE of the Line group at “Church in Chofu の仲間たち” (Church in Chofu members).
Nothing follows.