I. Regular Meetings

(1) Morning Pray-reading

Everyday am 6:30~7:00 (Saturday 6:30~7:30)

@LINE「祈りの部屋」(Prayer Room)

Mon-Sat: Pray-reading the scriptures on "The Morning Revival."

Sun: Pray-reading the scriptures on "The Morning Revival."(30 min)+Prayer for the Church (30 min)

(2)The Bible Reading Time

Everyday 21:30-22:00 (updated)

Reading the bible via LINE voice-call in "Chofu Nakamatachi"

21:30-21:45 Japanese Bible

21:45-22:00 English

▶︎Japanese Recovery Version Bible Text only Ebook:

iBook(Apple)Android(Google Play)

▶︎English Recovery Version Bible Text Only- 1st Samuel

Basic Policies

  • 【Stance】As Chofu's official bible reading time, we welcome everyone to join.
  • 【Regarding the time slot】for 20 minutes (no extension). We may establish 2nd and 3rd groups and so on, if the number of participants increases, or there is a need for language, or other time frame is better.
  • 【Range】We read books that are going to be covered in the Crystalizaiton study (twice a yaer). The coming training is for 1st and 2nd Samuel, so we are going to read them. Just reading the bible. no other activities.
  • 【Purpose】To follow the ministry (present speaking) closely; to provide an environment that everyone can read bible with companions
(3) Lord's Day Meeting

Every Sunday 10:25~12:00

Morning Revival: "Meeting God's Need and Present Needs in the Lord's Recovery" Week 6 (8 in total)

▶︎Future Weekly Schedule

Open Zoom 86723539329|877147

(4) Prayer Meeting

Saturday 7:00〜7:30

via LINE「祈りの部屋」(Prayer Room)

(5) Gospel Contacting Time

Every Saturday am 10:00 am-12:00 am @Zoom

Contacting our friends and relatives. It's enjoyable when we do it together.

Program: Enjoying (Reading Ministry Digest (30min), Interceding(15min), Contacting (60min)、Reporting(15min)。

Open Zoom 86519374891|387494

(6) Small Groups
Smal Group
LINE call
Wed13:00-15:00PSRP(1)LINE call
Wed17:30-18:00French Children GroupZoom
Wed20:30-21:30Bible reading
LINE call
Small Group
LINE call
Fri随時Sign languageLINE
Zoom IDs are shared in each LINE group.

II. Special Gatherings

What are emitted/simplified in this section

He we basically only shows the activies that has English interpretation or are conducted in English. ●What are emitted are mostly some local conferences that are given in Japanse. such as "Overcomers meeting", "Sister's meeting". The topics are usually the respeaking of the seven feasts.  ●For the "Semianual Training" (July, December), we reccomend the English speakers to attend the training that are conduted by English speaking localities. You are free to sign up for yourselves.

Activities in Japanese (including Sign Language)

(1) 9th Overcomers Meeting


Spoken in Japanese (Sign Language simul interpretation)

▶︎The official announcement from JGW (Japanese, PDF)

(2) Chofu Online DecemberTraining

12 messages, from 1/30/2022(Sun), Zoom

▶︎The official announcement from JGW (Japanese, PDF)

(3) 1st English Bible Study Meeting

1/16 (Sun.) 14:00-14:40, Zoom

▶︎The official announcement from JGW (Japanese, PDF)

III. Publication


IV. Others

FAQ Project for the Website

FAQ project

We are going to create FAQ content for the homepage of the Church in Chofu. So please provide some questions. We will create answers for them and publish them on the homepage. Please send your questions to:

Please start your title with [FAQ]

You are welcome to provide multiple questions.

The Bible Reading Campaign

2021 Part 3: Oct - Dec. (Fourth quarter)

Find your partner(s), admonish one another, and let the word of Christ dwell in you richly! ♪

[Range] Any part equivalent to 1/4 (65 chapters) of the Bible. [Reward] After you complete reading, we’ll reward you. The reward is now prepared…

▶︎Reporting Form for July - September

▶︎Download the reading schedule here


We accept bank transfer. please do not show your name in the sender.
▶︎Refer to the details here