I  主を記念する

A  主の食卓の焦点──主を中心とする

2  全てのそらすものを避けるべきです


I  記念主

A  主桌子的中心點-以主為中心

2  該避免所有的打岔


I  To Remember the Lord

A  The Focus of the Lord's Table - Concentrated on the Lord Himself

2  All distractions should be avoided

  The Lord's table meeting is to remember the Lord, so any hymns, testimonies, or messages that distract people from the Lord, the Person, are not appropriate. In the Lord's table meeting, someone may call a hymn on fighting the battle, or in the midst of the Lord's table, someone may give a testimony of how he was rescued from his suffering. That might be good in another kind of meeting, but it is not fitting at the Lord's table meeting. A brother may come to the Lord's table with a good verse which he enjoyed in his time of morning revival. He might come with that good verse to give people a good teaching concerning repentance and salvation. This is wrong. Such a teaching is not for the Lord's table meeting but for a gospel-preaching meeting. The Lord's table meeting is concentrated on the Person of the Lord, so all the hymns, all the praises, and all the speaking should be concentrated on the Lord Himself. All distractions from the focus of the Lord's table should be avoided. (Basic Lessons for the service Chapter 2, II-A-4)