Title: The experience of the believers in the new testament typified by the types in Deuteronomy

In the small group meeting on Tuesday, we use two ministry books. Each time, we choose one of them which fits better for the participants on that day. I’d like to share the book called “Introduction of Deuteronomy”.

Introduction of Deuteronomy” talks about prophecies. It says that the history of God helping the children of Israel escape from Egypt, making them pass through the wilderness, and finally entering the “good land” indicates the experience of the believer in the new testament age.

God wants to bring us out of worldly bondages typified by the slaveries in Egypt. He wants us to enjoy His riches in Christ. “The big and beautiful cities and houses filled with good things” indicates the Church. In the Church, we have the springs of living water typified by the well, the energetic lives typified by the grape gardens, and the Spirit that comforts us typified by the olive garden. We eat them all and be satisfied.  

The stream of water flows among the valleys and mountains. It shows that we have died with Jesus and have been resurrected and ascended to heaven with Him. The more we experience the valleys, the more we experience the mountains. As a result, the flow of the living water will quench the thirst inside us.

June 21, 2020

Sister I